Monday, 16 October 2017

Where They Found Her

By Kimberly McCreight


A bit disappointing really as there was so much potential and plenty of opportunities to turn this abrupt and quite boring at times (many times!!) narration into a great psychological thriller with great suspense.
I even liked some of the characters! But that didn't help.
Molly is a journalist, she is trying to get her life back to normal after losing a baby.
She is doing well for the most part. She is working for a local newspaper and taking care of here little daughter, she is trying to get her relationship with her husband, Justin, back to the stage of romance and excitement... Justin is a lecturer in college.

All seem to be going at its own pace until one day Molly is called to cover a story about a body of the baby that had been found near the college... The baby's body had injuries, no identity and it is assumed that it has something to with the college... Many years ago somebody was killed nearly in the same spot.

So, sure enough, everyone involved is connected to the story and to the past, one way or another.

All along I was hoping that the obvious links and connections were tactical distractions and that next page or a page after something unexpected will pop up and will turn the whole story inside out and there'll be a new twist, a new event... something...
Eh... no, all went as expected, the ones who looked quilt, turned out to be guilty, the bad guys were bad, the good guys were good.
All that would be not too bad, if it was written in a manner that took over the actual events of the story and made enjoyable the process of reading. You know, great style, good sense of humour, elaborate descriptions, interesting characters.... Eh, it's a NO again. Dry descriptions, flat, most times torturously boring, characters, not a sprinkle of humour. The whole lot felt like unfinished work. Amateurish. It just did not live up to the mere expectations of a good book.

All in all, less not impressed at all. This author is on my miss list.

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