Wednesday, 31 May 2017


This was unexpected. In a good way!
I was prepared for a psychological thriller, and did not hold my hopes very high.
When I saw that the story is offered from "now" and "then" perspectives, I sighed expecting a jumpy narration which gets you confused and bored half the time...

But this book was really good! And it was different. Even "now" and "then" was not your typical going back and forth.

So... Amber is in a coma...
She is trying to recall what has happened but all she know is that she is in coma, her husband doesn't live her and that... sometimes she lies.

Being unable to speak or move, Amber is trying to figure things out and put a few pieces that are left unharmed in her memory.
She remembers having quite a bit on her plate... Work doesn't seem to be going great. Maybe Jo, Amber's friend can help and they can come up with a plan how to same Amber's work place. Jo seems to be always there for Amber.
Amber's husband is quite withdrawn as well, and their relationship doesn't look great...
Her sister is also a piece of work. Is she trying to get too close to Amber's husband?

Why did Amber say that she lies sometimes? And is it true that she lies? If she lies, then what about and why?

I must say, I loooved the way the book unravelled! From the first page till the very last one there was constantly something that did not let your attention relax.
Just when you think you have figured it out and know what's in store, you turn to the next page and.... it's all not what you had thought! It's all totally different!
Very unusual, gripping read.
I really enjoyed it.
My only point of criticism would be that perhaps I would prefer to opt for some more elaborate descriptions at time, more detailed portrayal of certain episodes.
Other than that, it was very enjoyable!

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