Friday, 28 July 2017

Last Breath. Detective Erika Foster #4.

by Robert Bryndza.


Two days i could not put the book down and kept reading at every opportunity I got.
I just had to find out how all this was going to end!

I will not go into the plot and story details, as it is worth reading firsthand. There' s quite a lot happening to Erika. Maybe, even more than usual, which makes the story well packed and eventful. A few unexpected turns, too!
Good suspense, good story twist, a few different lines to follow, all well paced.
What's not to like?

Dark Water. Detective Erika Foster #3.

by Robert Bryndza.

Another good one. DCI Erika Foster has it all this time.

Erika is working on the drugs case, looking for a dumped load, when she finds a body of a little girl who had gone missing years ago.
Erika's gut instinct and professional persistence tell her to re-open the cold case and try to figure out what had actually happened 20-odd years ago. Why was a little girl abducted in the daylight, a few yards away from her own home and why the case was never solved?...

The investigation is not going to be simple. It will have a few throw backs, a few odd findings and it will come to its conclusion, but at what price?...

With so much time gone from the original events, there's little hope to put small pieces of old puzzle together to make a bigger picture, but, as always, Erika is not the one to give up on things just because they are not easy... 

Friday, 14 July 2017

 Exit West

by Mohsin Hamid.


I enjoyed this book in a way you'd enjoy a difficult, long walk uphill to see a view worth seeing.
And this book is well worth reading, for it makes you stop and hold your breath for second and think of all the things that you can count as your blessings, it also makes you see lives and feelings, and fears, and love beyond daily statistics of the news reports with better, sharper understanding. Refugee crisis... "Crisis" is a wrong kind of word, it is rather a tragedy.

“We are all migrants through time.” That is so true! We often forget that no matter how settled and comfortable life we lead, we are all only visitors in this world. Moreover, little we do realise (or perhaps chose to forget and try to convince ourselves that our stability is depends on us entirely and once we want stable, safe life, then it will be there for ever) how fragile our lives are, more so nowadays, when the boundaries can get blurred so rapidly and safety is really only an illusion.

Back to the actual book though.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Night Stalker

By Robert Bryndza.

Woo hoo! DCI Erika Foster has done it again!
This time even better than before!
This is the second book in the series about Detective Erika Foster, and I Liked it even more than the first.
So Erika is trying to figure out who is a mysterious Night Stalker who has killed three people one after another in similar pattern. There's no obvious link between the victims. They don't seem to have enemies as such, those who'd wish their death bad enough.
The killings are quite brutal. The killer is smart and seems to be untraceable.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Husband's Wife

by Jane Corry.

I was quite hesitant, whether to give this book 3 or 4 stars.

It kept me on the hook, and that's a good reason to give all 4, yet the twists and turns of the plot made me want to ask: "Really?... Does everything have to be so messed up? What happened to good old simple stories, those ones where enough secrets and thrill and mystery but without all those "special" effects that make you think you are reading a textbook chapter on clinical perversions... " And those moments were enough to strip an extra star off.

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