Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

By Amy Chua.

I'd given this book more, for some parts I'd love to give full 5 stars, but then other things set me back to 3-4 starts, but on the balance, it's 3.5 stars.

"Bill Clinton recently told some Yale students that you can only be really great at something if you love it..."
"But just because you love something, I added to myself, doesn't mean you'll ever be great. Not if you don't work."
This paragraph pretty much sums up the book for me. This is one paragraph that I agree with absolutely and unequivocally!
As to the rest of the 229 pages.... well, mixed feelings, I suppose.

My major problem with it was actual writing. It felt a bit stiff and jumpy. Too much name throwing and dwelling some status aspects.

I must say, I anticipated to find this book more of "What to do and What not to do to bring up successful children" manual. Instead, it turned out to be a family chronicle, a mother's self-assessment.
It was quite funny at times, a bit odd other times, but best of all it has been a very much a thought provoking book!
It also a brilliant insight into an everyday life, values and cultural attitudes of Asian families.
It was a very interesting read!
Overall, I concluded for myself, my path would be somewhere in between.
I advocate discipline and commitment, but also freedom and learning through your own mistakes to a degree.
I think it crucially depends on the child too. Some kids just have that drive inside, that competiveness, they genuinely enjoy competition and hard work on the way to success. Others, might lack confidence it be plain lazy at times and need a little push and boundaries some times...

Taking best from the both worlds is another thing.
I always enjoy learning about different cultures and various approaches to life.
Success? We all have our very own definition.
To me success should go along with happiness, fulfilment, joy. And maybe not everyone is happy being successful. Some people are perfectly fine being average (yes, I must be one of those:)))
But at some point I think parent should encourage and let children try to be successful. And teach them to work hard towards it.

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